I thought you would be pleased to hear that Charlie is at Sheffield Hallam uni studying quantity surveying and seems to be really enjoying it.

He got his gold duke of Edinburgh award at St Davids and was 1st XV rugby captain plus school house captain for sport.

Thanks so much for what you did and gave him that has enabled him to reach his potential.

Best wishes
Jo Gardiner

Alex joined Ramillies Hall School ten years ago when it became apparent that he was going to struggle with the pace and breadth of the curriculum at his then current school.
Ramillies Hall ‘tailor made’ the curriculum setting it at a level with which Alex could cope.   From his very first minute at school, the teachers made learning interesting and tangible to Alex, allowing him to develop at his own pace whilst still gaining a sense of achievement.
The teachers and staff have made the whole experience a warm and friendly one, for Alex, with lots of fun along the way.  The latter years in high school have been focussed on developing life skills, giving Alex practical knowledge and more confidence to move into life after school.
Throughout his school career, Alex has been extremely hard working and has strived to do well at the work he has been set.  That he has stayed so focussed is testament to how relevant the curriculum and style of teaching has been to Alex.
Children of all backgrounds attend from far and wide and are made to feel at home in a school community where everyone is ‘special’ in some way.  So, if you are looking for a caring school with a big heart and for teachers who will do their utmost to cater for the individual needs of each child, then look no further.  For me, words that describe The Ramillies Hall educational experience include, caring, attentive, thoughtful, enthusiastic, realistic, inspiring, engaging, involving, fun, supportive, aspirational, and personalised.

Melanie Williams


September 2014

News of Brodie Smith

I just thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know what Brodie is up to.

I hope it gives parents of ‘non-conventional’ career seeking pupils hope.

Brodie moved from Longleat in March after finishing (and passing) his apprenticeship.

He attended a formal interview with the Shoot Owner of Exmoor Sporting after seeing the advert in the Shooting Times, sending off his CV plus photograph. He was then asked back for a group interview. After a week or so he was contacted by the shoot to come and work for 3 days to see if he fitted into the team. He kept his room clean, was polite and worked as hard as he could, and was very lucky to be chosen.

He is now a keeper at Challacombe shoot on Exmoor. He has his own beat and 48,000 partridges. This week he has organised 3 helicopters to come and pick up guests, as they were running late! Had to take one of the Gun’s new Aston Martin to fill it up with petrol, and drive a car full of Frenchmen to their lodgings and make polite conversation.

I think that Ramillies has given him the inner confidence that he probably would not have got elsewhere. He, I think, must be one of your success stories.

Thank you for not writing him off, and allowing him to follow his dream of being a Gamekeeper. He is still a bit unconventional and wears loud shirts and silly sunglasses as you can see. I have also attached a picture of him on Pixie’s Rock which is part of the beat that he is in charge of. It is very prestigious and well known in shooting circles.

Challacombe & Edgcott

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to thank you for everything, this school has done so much for me and has turned me into a different person and has helped me sincerely to achieve my aims and goals, words cannot describe how much this school has done for me it was more than a school it was more like a family which had been there with me through my tough times which has been there through and all my ups and downs, all the staff were their to support me I don’t know were I would be without you guys thank you so much, I am in college now and I’m realizing why it’s so important to put your head down in high school I do you find bits hard and always thought that college would be easy not knowing that in reality it’s actually hard, I would always moan and groan about being in high school and want to leave very soon but looking back high school was actually the best time of my life thanks to all members of staff. The school will never be forgotten and has and will always be will be a big part of my life.

Love from Faisal ljaz (2013 Head Boy)


Good Morning

I noticed from your website that you like to keep informed on the achievements of former pupils and thought you might like to know that Emma represented Scotland at the 2015 U18 European Touch Rugby Championships in Nottingham where she was Vice Captain and top female scorer (Mixed Team). As a result, she has been selected for the Scotland Open Training Squad ahead of the 2016 European Championships in Jersey and the 2016 U18 Championships in Holland. Emma also represented Caledonia in the 2015 National Hockey Finals finishing ‘Runners-Up’. She is currently in her final year at Dollar Academy and hopes to study Sports Psychology at Loughborough or Edinburgh.

Her Brother, Adam, (also a former pupil) played football for Livingston and Celtic and represented Caledonia Rugby at U18 level. He is in his final year at Edinburgh University and on course to achieve a BEd (Hons) Physical Education. Adams record for the 100m at Dollar Academy still stands from 2004.

It is great to see Ramilles continues to flourishing. Adam and Emma both have fond memories of their time at Ramillies, as do we all, and we hope everyone is well.

Kind Regards (particularly to Diana and the mighty Neil Mather).

Paul Dearden

James today left Bredon School. He has been offered an apprenticeship by Malvern Instruments- part of a Footsie 250 company, Spectris, who have a division based in Malvern. He should get a really good training in engineering and electronics.

For Kate and I though we were at rock bottom when we came to see if Jamie would be offered a place at your school. You gave him a chance and Mrs Jobling and Mrs Breeze could not have been kinder to him in those early days when he definitely was very odd and quiet. We have the soft ball Mr Mather awarded him for a great catch in pride of place- that is the first time he won anything.1 remember well the first assembly where he was given a speaking part- Kate was too scared to come. And he did fine- what a proud moment for me. And then he won a cup at the end of the summer term and I was not there- but Kate remembers well your moving speech on that occasion.

You may not know that Bredon were not going to take him till I appealed to the Head Mr Keyte who knew you- he then said “If Miss Patterson can cope with him then we can”.

James has made so much progress- we are amazed , and gratified – but feel so blessed that so many of his teachers- both at your own wonderful school and at Bredon went the extra mile for him.

Thanks you so much on behalf of Kate and I- you and your colleagues have made a real difference to the lives of our family

God bless you and all your staff, Simon and Kate Macaulay