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Dear Parents

I am delighted to inform you on behalf of all of the staff at Ramillies that we have undertaken our OFSTED monitoring Inspection on Thursday 8th June 2017. We have received all of our feedback and today have been given permission to share the findings with our staff, governors and all parents. The report can be found on the school website and I have attached it for your information.

It is my absolute pleasure to tell you that we have now received confirmation that we have met all Independent School Standards and that we have set a framework in place that has been recognised as robust and effective in taking the school forward. The improvements in school performance and in capturing what we do is evident and OFSTED has acknowledged that we have worked swiftly and effectively.

We are all delighted with this outcome and feel that it is a fair representation of the efforts and outcomes of a very busy and challenging academic year. It is our intention to embed current practice and to improve this wonderful school further. Next year will see the school continue to work hard and develop further ready for our next full inspection which should be in approximately a years’ time.

All that remains to be said is a very big thank you from myself and my team for the support and kind words that we have all received from our encouraging and supportive parents. We look forward to the continued success of our pupils at Ramillies Hall School.

With kind regards
Denise Anthony
Head teacher


Ramillies Hall School June 2017  OFSTED report