We are very excited to launch a new initiative throughout the school – ERIC – Everybody Reading In Class.

Senior pupils are familiar with this mnemonic as, in their English lessons, they are all encouraged to read – to the teacher, TA or independently in ERIC time . We record their progress and keep a note in the library of the books they have read, awarding the stars in our assemblies.

This year, following the huge efforts made by all the pupils, the awards will be bronze-5 books, silver -10 books and gold -20 books . We will be awarding a number of bronze awards this week in assembly to the pupils who have read 5 books since September. This is a huge achievement for our pupils, many of whom are dyslexic .

To further encourage our pupils’ love of reading , we are introducing ERIC into our form periods. Our pupils will spend 15 minutes or so of the form period reading with their teacher , a TA , with each other or independently. We will encourage them to read a variety of texts – newspapers, magazines, news websites and/or their chosen reading book. To record this reading a very special stamp will appear in the planners – our ERIC logo, designed by year 7 pupil Ruby Citrine . Ruby’s little bookworm was chosen by Miss Patterson in our ERIC competition and will be our ERIC logo for many years to come.

Mrs Grant and Mrs Archer ( English department )
Mr Buckingham ( Art department )