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Ramillies Hall Nursery

Ramillies Hall


Famly App

At Ramillies Hall Nursery we use the ‘famly’ App as a very useful and user-friendly tool for sharing information with parents and carrying out all our nursery administration tasks.

When your child starts at the nursery,  you will be invited to log onto the app so that you can access all the information you need about your child and about the nursery.  You will be able to see and use the following features:-

  • Your child’s learning journey – a record of observations carried out and assessments made on your child’s learning and stage of development.
  • Daily care information about toileting, meals taken and sleeps.
  • A news feed featuring information about activities and events featuring your child, their department or the whole nursery.
  • A messaging facility – we can message you and you can message us (and share photos).
  • Accident, incident, medicine forms etc.
  • Your account with us
  • Key dates and your holidays

The app works well on most devices and is really easy to use, but of course, it doesn’t replace human contact and we are more than happy to chat to you at the door where possible, or have a catch up meeting either by phone or in person.