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Ramillies Hall School and Nursery

Ramillies Hall

School & Nursery


"Ramillies Hall is a the best small school "A little gem in Cheshire". My son joined Ramillies Hall this year after years of bullying in his previous school and low self esteem . He is so happy now two weeks , his learned to use the dragon programme in his laptop. The teachers are so experienced and motivate him and this has helped with his anxiety. His TA is such a good role model for him and very experienced with children with SEN. His talent is now been realised in this school. The staff and students are so friendly and kind. , they engaged and communicate with me and let me know the progress. The school has such parent friendly and structured ethos ."

"Happy child Happy Mum."


"Myself and brother attended Ramillies Hall from 2000-2006 with severe dyslexia. It is safe to say without the help from all the teachers (Miss Mandy, Miss Da silva, Miss Paterson and Mr Mather to name a few) we would not be the same people we are today. They didn't only teach us how to read and wright they provided us with the confidence which has not left us 10+ years later. I have spent some incredible times at the school and will never forget the first time walking up the courtyard on our first day, happy times!!"

Tom Taylor

"I am at the far end of what has been a full and exciting life - and it all began at Ramillies Hall School in 1937! Over and above the academic side of things - Maths English Language & Literature, and the like - it was the intangibles which I believe set RHS apart. And, based upon my recent visits - now that I am back in the UK - those intangibles remain very much in evidence!"

"Long may it continue!"

Brian Thompson

"I was there from 1968-74. Loved it. Captain Patterson and his Alsatian teaching me Latin and French. Happy days."

Ronni Schrevel

"2000-2006 very fond memories enjoyed every minute would love to turn the clock back! Grate times!"

Jonathan Taylor

"1986-1989 best time of my life, wish i can go back lol"

Stephen Wall

"I have two children who go to Ramillies Nursery.  My daughter Sophie, started in 2014 and my son, Tom in 2016.  They both settled into the Nursery and loved it from day one, which was a blessing as I found having to go back to work both daunting and upsetting.  I knew they are well cared for and most importantly, happy.  What I thought was going to be a daily struggle was easy, they have both always run into nursery with no issues of leaving their mum behind.  Sophie will be leaving at the end of August this year and to say I am devastated is an understatement.  Thank you so much to Ramillies and all the wonderful staff for the care and education you have provided both Sophie and Tom."

Mrs Holmes

"I cannot thank RHS enough for the fantastic education that my daughter received whilst attending. She is now a confident young woman ready to take on whatever life sends her way, and has extremely fond memories of Ramillies and will take them with her wherever she goes.

Thank you for letting my daughter be part of such a caring, loving and nurturing school. I wish you all the success in the world, and long my RHS thrive to deliver the excellent education that my daughter received."

Miss Kennedy

"Ramillies has a small, nurturing and safe environment, and was ideal for my son. He often said that the reason he loved Ramillies is that he could be himself,  and still fit in.

He left RHS last year with 9 GCSE’s and has just completed his first year studying Creative Media Btec in College. I would like to thank everybody at Ramillies for the wonderful education my son received. He made lots of friends at Ramillies, that he is still in touch with today. Ramillies was the best place for my son."

Mr Nash

“My child has loved her time at Ramillies and has already declared it as her favourite nursery”

Mrs Suarez

“Thank you so much for all the love and care that you have provided over the last year or so. My child has loved every minute and he will miss you so very much. Thank you for all your hard work and kindness. We shall forever look back so fondly over our years at Ramillies. Keep up the great work”.

Mrs Murison

"Thank you for the most wonderful journey through early Years. You have all made Ramillies Hall Nursery feel like a second home, all cosy and filled with warmth. The fantastic care, teaching and love that you have all shown me are priceless!"

Mr Lim