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Ramillies Hall Nursery

Ramillies Hall



At Ramillies‚Äč Hall Nursery,  the children are taught and cared for in 3 separate departments, according to their age with each group occupying their own building

Our Toddler department is housed in  a single storey building overlooking a small lawned area on one side and the courtyard on the other. This is where our dedicated team of practitioners look after children from around 2 years old to around 3 years old.  

The building is organised into 3 large rooms. There is a small cloakroom area which leads to our general play area where there are opportunities for role play in the home corner, dressing up,  cosying up in the book area,  doing puzzles and games or watching a puzzle or rhymes on the white board. 

Our middle room is where we get messy. Painting and mark making opportunities are available daily, with playdough and other sensory play alongside sand and/or water.  There is also a construction area, opportunities for imaginative play and spaces for investigation.

Children can move throughout these first 2 rooms at most times during the day,  choosing where they want to be and want they want to play with. Adults are on hand to join in with their play, following their cues, and using their play as an opportunity to extend their learning and development.   Child led play is interspersed with adult led activities such as yoga, music and movement, stories, games, parachute games, art activities and simple letters and sounds activities exploring sounds, rhythm and rhyme.  

Some of these adult led activities take place in the 3 large room which also doubles as our sleep room.  Most of our toddlers sleep after their lunch when the room is made dark and cosy and the children sleep on individual floor mats with staff attending to their needs.

At the other end of the building is a dedicated nappy room which also houses potties and child size toilets. This is the department where most of the children are supported in their potty and toilet training.

Our toddlers spend a lot of time outdoors, using the large well equipped garden, visiting the field or going on local walks.   Morning and afternoon snack times take place in the toddler building, but at lunch and tea time, the toddlers join the early years children in the dining hall where staff help them to learn skills such as scraping their plates and pouring their own drinks.

If you decide you would like your little one to join us, about a month before they are due to start, you will be invited in for a visit with them, to meet the team and in particular your child’s Key Person. All children in the nursery have a member of staff who is their Key Person. This is the person who will get to know you and your child best and help them to settle in initially and monitor their learning and development.  They will keep a learning journal using our Online system “Famly” where you will be able to see observations about your child’s learning and development.   After the initial settling in meeting, we will invite your child in for some settling in sessions at different times of the day so that we can get to know them, and they get to know us.

If you choose Ramillies, you won’t be disappointed.  We have a fantastic team of practitioners with a good level of qualifications and all trained in Paediatric first aid.  Our department leader in Toddlers has been at the nursery over 20 years and has a wealth of experience with 2 year olds.